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Terms of use

Terms of use

Terms and conditions of the Albabici rental contract. The user is subject to all terms and conditions of this contract:

1. Delivery of the vehicle to a third

The user of the bicycle is the person designated in the contract. In principle the rented bike would not be lent to third parties and may only be used by persons designated in the contract. When passing the bicycle to another person, the user specified in the contract liable for damage to the vehicle by third parties as well as consequential damages.

2. Renting time / delivery

The user is obliged to return the vehicle within the period stipulated in the contract. Non-refundable portion of the rental price if you return the vehicle before the time stipulated in the contract.

3. Owner disclaimer

When renting a bicycle, the user acknowledges that it is in good condition and under normal conditions of use.

4. User Responsibility

At the time of renting a bicycle, you assume all risks and responsibility for the ownership, custody and use of the vehicle. All rented equipment must be kept in perfect condition.

You will be responsible according to general rules of liability for damage caused to the vehicle or the breach, for its part, the terms of the contract. You must return the vehicle in the same state - apart from dirt and breakdown from normal use - which has been delivered.

The user's responsibility should also cover the costs of damage, such as costs of repair or damage.

5. Vehicle use, prohibitions

You are not allowed the misuse of vehicles, transport of one or more additional (eg: on the back for working with objects or luggage), the overhead of the bicycle or jumping obstacles that can cause damage to the vehicle.

6. Damage to the vehicle

In case of an accident where the vehicle is damaged, it is the duty of the user, also in the case of minor damage, to include in the police report of such scope.

In case of being the user's responsibility, user is responsible for any damage to the vehicle and damage from the accident.

If third party liability, they will be responsible for damages.

For further questions or to clarify matters properly the responsibility of the accident, it is therefore necessary to record what happened in the relevant police report.


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