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Public Bike Share System

Is a public service transport system ideal complement to public transport. Its purpose is to cover the small displacements that occur daily within the city.


Albacete Public Bike Share System

This is a public service transport system put in place by Albacete Town Hall to help achieve a reduction in the use of private vehicles and increase the use of other means of more sustainable transport like buses, walking or cycling.

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How does it work?

You still don't knowhow ALBABICI works? Find out how quick and easy it is to use ALBABICI and begin to enjoy all the benefits.


Obtain your season ticket by Web, App, PIM (multimedia information point), filling-in your details or from the public information office in Albacete.

Hours / Availability

The service operates between 6:00 H until 24:00 H, 365 days a year, except in exceptionalcircumstances as set out in our information pack.

Take-away your bicycle

Go to any one of the parking bays, choose the bicycle you want and ensure it works properly; approximate your card to the reader, or choose from App or Web, you have 20 seconds to push the button, which stays on green, and unlock the bicycle.

Parking the bike

Place the bike in an empty locking, slot and secure it to the anchor point by pushing it in as for as it will go.
Ensure the green light is flashing , This shows that it is has been replaced correctly.

Our pick-up points

In the following table or by clicking on the map icons you can see the addresses of the 32 stations existing, as well as the availability of bicycles in each of them.

Estado Estaciones Nº Bicicletas Total


The system has several pricings to favor the maximum use of bicycles. Choose the best according your needs.


2 / Day
Taxes included



10 / Week
Taxes included



20 / Year
Taxes included


Annually Electric

40 / Year
Taxes included


Download our App

In this App you will find on a map located all the stations of the Albabici service. You can also check at all times the number of bicycles available at each station as well as their free seats. The application has GPS location to help you easily find the stations.


In case of any doubts, you can contact us and we will solve any problems or queries that you have as quickly as possible.


900 877 122



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Calle Dr Alonso Vidal esq C/Palencia. 02001 Albacete
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